About Laetitia HD Pics

With the soul of an artist, communicative and generous, Laetitia is an emblem of joy and pride in the field of hairdressing throughout the world. Very creative, with a dancer’s movements, her onstage presence always captivates her audience. Laetitia perfectly combines creativity and technical excellence demonstrating that hairdressing can be a real dramatic art.

Laetitia creates her images and dictates her own trends according to each season. Her creations are a reflection of her emotiveness and her inner poetry, illustrated by colors, forms and subtle textures which glorify feminity. Adored by the international press, journalists communicate her latest creations and applaud her talent.

Laetitia has also established her presence in both the fashion universe (Armani, Yves St Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Montana, etc,) and in the field of French cinema (Chabrol, Jeunet, Coline Serreau, etc.).

Her passion for her fellow hairdressers and her generosity make her unique in her capacity to communicate her techniques and knowledge without any reservations or restrictions. She travels throughout the year to train hairdressers in different parts of the world.

Through these travels was born a school and the brand « The World of Laetitia Guenaou » in Cracovie, Poland and a hairdressser training school « L’Instituto » L’Oreal Professionnel » in Rio de Janeiro. Passionate about new technologies, she created her e-learning site, www.hairinstitutlg.com, dedicated exclusively to the online teaching of hairdressers.

To enhance her creative skills, Laetitia invented her own hairstyling Tools : the OndulHair and the Cizoir distributed by Velecta Paramount and the Twin Cizor by Euro Passion.

Laetitia Guenaou is an ambassador for L’Oreal Professionnel throughout the world. She is also the Associate Artistic Director for the creative team of the Haute Coiffure Francaise.

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